Log Home Interior - Trim, Hardwood Floor, Doors, Etc.

Trim, Hardwood Floor, Doors, Baseboards, Etc. - December 17 - March ??, 2004

The builders were able to start trimming out the windows and exterior doors on December 17, 2003. Lattice trim, hardwood floors, interior doors, interior door trim, baseboards, etc., were added as rooms were sanded, cleaned, and stained. These photos will give you an idea of what our trim looks like, but we plan to add more detailed photos later. We did a lot of internet and magazine searching to see how others were trimming their houses, particularly when the builders had to get creative to cover log home-specific issues. There didn't seem to be a lot of detailed photos out there (more like the usual ooh ahh photos of entire rooms, not really close-up shots), so hopefully some close-ups will come in handy to visitors to this site who are in the building process.

Window and Door Trim - December 17, 26, 2003

trim_inside_12-17-03_window_detail2.jpg (35484 bytes) trim_inside_12-17-03_window_detail1.jpg (35582 bytes) trim_inside_12-26-03_triangles.jpg (40729 bytes) trim_inside_12-17-03_back_door.jpg (53698 bytes)

Kingpost - January 8, 2004

This isn't "trim," but we didn't know where else to put it.

kingpost_01-08-04_front_angle_from_floor.jpg (53502 bytes) kingpost_01-08-04_front_angle_from_loft.jpg (51530 bytes) kingpost_01-08-04_front_distance_from_loft.jpg (58286 bytes) kingpost_01-08-04_metal_support_in_center.jpg (47260 bytes) kingpost_01-08-04_metal_support_each_post.jpg (52998 bytes)

Creative Trim - January 21, 2004

This trim was planed down to cover the ends of 2x6 tongue and groove wallboard that overlapped a ceiling beam. Note that a groove was also cut on the ends of the 2x6 to match the grooves in the wood. Don't use 2x6 trim on your walls, but if you do, a good trim carpenter can cover just about anything!

trim_inside_01-21-04_covering_2x6_t&g_ends1.jpg (47654 bytes) trim_inside_01-21-04_covering_2x6_t&g_ends2.jpg (43005 bytes)

Hardwood Floor Delivered - January 19, 2004

hardwood_01-19-04_closeup_of_wood.jpg (49673 bytes) hardwood_01-19-04_delivered1.jpg (55567 bytes) hardwood_01-19-04_delivered2.jpg (56339 bytes)

Detail of Lattice Trim Around Ceiling Beams - February 2, 2004

trim_inside_02-02-04_lattice_around_ceiling_beams.jpg (34332 bytes)

Hardwood Floor Started in Loft Feb. 6 and Finished in 2nd Floor Bedroom Feb. 11, 2004

hardwood_02-06-04_started_laying_in_loft1.jpg (59131 bytes) hardwood_02-06-04_started_laying_in_loft2.jpg (53298 bytes) hardwood_02-06-04_started_laying_in_loft3.jpg (54951 bytes) hardwood_02-11-04_finished_in_2nd_bedroom.jpg (45985 bytes)

2nd Floor Bedroom & Bathroom Doors, Closet Door, and Trim - February 11 - 16, 2004

trim_inside_02-11-04_2nd_floor_doors_and_trim.jpg (39443 bytes) trim_inside_02-12-04_2nd_floor_bedroom_closet_door.jpg (42762 bytes) trim_inside_02-16-04_2nd_bedroom_door_baseboard_closeup.jpg (34221 bytes) trim_inside_02-16-04_2nd_bedroom_closet_baseboard_corner.jpg (31601 bytes)

Hardwood Floor Started in Dining Room - February 23, 2004

hardwood_02-23-04_started_in_dining_room1.jpg (59491 bytes) hardwood_02-23-04_started_in_dining_room2.jpg (58305 bytes)

Hardwood Floor Finished in Dining Room, Kitchen, Living Room - February 24 - 25, 2004

hardwood_02-25-04_living_room1.jpg (64029 bytes) hardwood_02-25-04_living_room2.jpg (64419 bytes) hardwood_02-25-04_beside_stairs1.jpg (63423 bytes) hardwood_02-25-04_beside_stairs2.jpg (57209 bytes) hardwood_02-26-04_living_room_loft_view.jpg (68450 bytes)

Hardwood Floor Finished in Foyer - February 26, 2004

hardwood_02-26-04_foyer_loft_view.jpg (48946 bytes) hardwood_02-26-04_foyer.jpg (52019 bytes) hardwood_02-26-04_view_down_steps.jpg (46959 bytes)

Baseboard Started in Dining Room and Kitchen - February 26, 2004

trim_inside_02-26-04_baseboards_in_dining_room.jpg (41888 bytes) trim_inside_02-26-04_baseboards_around_cabinets.jpg (41106 bytes)

Hardwood Floor Finished in Master Bedroom, Started in Master Bathroom February 27, 2004

hardwood_02-27-04_finished_in_master_bedroom.jpg (52217 bytes) hardwood_02-27-04_started_in_master_bathroom1.jpg (44732 bytes) hardwood_02-27-04_started_in_master_bathroom2.jpg (41470 bytes)

Baseboard Finished in Foyer and Living Room - February 27, 2004

trim_inside_02-27-04_baseboards_in_left_side_foyer.jpg (44300 bytes) trim_inside_02-27-04_baseboards_in_right_side_foyer1.jpg (50376 bytes) trim_inside_02-27-04_baseboards_in_right_side_foyer2.jpg (50391 bytes) trim_inside_02-27-04_baseboards_in_living_room1.jpg (56065 bytes) trim_inside_02-27-04_baseboards_in_living_room2.jpg (45739 bytes)


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