Log Home Interior - Rustic Stairs and Railings

Rustic Staircase - February 2 - 17, 2004

It took six guys to get these log risers upstairs! The ends of each step were traced onto cardboard, and the pattern was cut into the log risers using an electric chainsaw and wood chisel for a custom fit.

rustic_stairs_01-16-04_correct_rustic_stair_material_from_barna.jpg (61520 bytes) rustic_stairs_02-02-04_risers.jpg (54330 bytes) rustic_stairs_02-02-04_side_view.jpg (57531 bytes) rustic_stairs_02-02-04_risers_and_bottom_step.jpg (53229 bytes) rustic_stairs_02-03-04_two_more_steps_added.jpg (53012 bytes) rustic_stairs_02-12-04_two_more_steps_added1.jpg (59902 bytes) rustic_stairs_02-12-04_front_view.jpg (53033 bytes) rustic_stairs_02-12-04_back_view.jpg (53846 bytes) rustic_stairs_02-18-04_back_view.jpg (52508 bytes)

Rustic Railings - February 17 - 23, 2004

The posts and railings around the loft and down the steps are the same as those used on the front and back decks. The spindles were too long to use down the steps, so they had be be lathed to a shorter length before being installed. Note that the railings are individually mortised into the posts for a custom fit.

loft_railings_02-17-04_above_kitchen1.jpg (61243 bytes) loft_railings_02-17-04_above_kitchen2.jpg (61956 bytes) loft_railings_02-20-04_view_from_living_room1.jpg (59969 bytes) loft_railings_02-20-04_view_from_living_room2.jpg (60944 bytes) loft_railings_02-20-04_front_of_loft.jpg (64626 bytes) loft_railings_02-20-04_front_of_loft_and_down_steps.jpg (53533 bytes) loft_railings_02-20-04_down_steps1.jpg (52011 bytes) loft_railings_02-20-04_down_steps2.jpg (52987 bytes) loft_railings_02-20-04_view_up_steps.jpg (49656 bytes) loft_railings_02-23-04_completed_down_steps.jpg (57546 bytes) loft_railings_02-23-04_view_down_steps.jpg (56843 bytes) loft_railings_02-20-04_loft_view_from_bathroom_door.jpg (60032 bytes)


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