Log Home Interior - Sanding and Staining

Sanding Interior Walls - November 6, 2003 - February ??, 2004

As with cleaning the outside of the house, there are all kinds of information and arguments on the internet regarding the best way to clean the interior of the house. Because of timing issues, sequencing of construction, and the fact that it was a very wet summer and lots of water was on the subfloor all the time, we decided against pressure washing the inside. The inside of the logs became very dirty because they were exposed to the weather for so long, and the tongue and groove on the ceiling and walls started yellowing before we could stain. Several of the roof rafters and floor joists also became weathered and moldy, which presented a big problem for cleaning. We eventually decided to sand the entire interior of the house using our Makita orbital sanders, a palm sander, a mouse sander, and countless sanding sponges.

The first interior sanding started in the master bedroom on the front log wall on November 6, 2003. We sanded on the log walls as we had time (weekends, evenings, nights, late nights, late late nights, holidays, vacations, in our sleep, in our nightmares) until late December, at which time we enlisted the builders to help us start sanding the roof rafters and beams, as well as the yellowed ceiling tongue and groove. We also sanded all of the tongue and groove walls, which had become yellowed. We completed all of the main level of the house on February 22, 2004. (As of this writing, we still have to sand the tongue and groove in the basement foyer.) Amazingly enough, we did not get any pictures of this work until the last day. As you browse through pictures on this site, note how dirty the logs had become, compared to the finished interior photos.

Below are some photos of Myra finishing the ceiling in the master bedroom on February 22, 2004, which is ironically where we first started sanding the log walls. Robert also finished the log walls in this room (the grooves had never been sanded, only the flat surfaces.) Myra is also demonstrating proper safety equipment, and the whole that was worn in her leather gloves from all the sanding! Unfortunately, we also do not have any before and after photos of Myra's arm muscles after all of this sanding. :-)

sanding_interior_02-22-04_side_of_ceiling_beam.jpg (51256 bytes) sanding_interior_02-22-04_bottom_of_ceiling_beam.jpg (51160 bytes) sanding_interior_02-22-04_tongue_and_groove_ceiling.jpg (50021 bytes) sanding_interior_02-22-04_log_wall.jpg (53348 bytes) sanding_interior_02-22-04_myra_poses_with_makita.jpg (52037 bytes) sanding_interior_02-22-04_safety_equipment.jpg (47291 bytes) sanding_interior_02-22-04_worked_hole_in_leather_gloves.jpg (45143 bytes) sanding_interior_02-22-04_tools_of_the_trade.jpg (56484 bytes) myra_taking_break_02-22-04.jpg (85231 bytes)

Staining Interior Walls - January 22 - March ??, 2004

We focused our efforts on sanding the log walls and tongue and groove in the main open area of the house (foyer, living room, kitchen, dining room, and loft), while the builders sanded the roof and ceilings in these areas. This area was finished and stained on January 22, 23, and 26. The builders continued working on other things in this area (kitchen, stonework, trim, etc.), while Robert and Myra continued sanding in the bedrooms and bathrooms. As we sanded out each room, the builders came along behind us cleaning, staining, and trimming. Again, we do not have many cleaning and staining photos, but you can see how nice it looks throughout the other interior photos.

Below are a few photos from the first staining on January 22, 2004.

staining_interior_01-22-04_dining_room_&_kitchen.jpg (52922 bytes) staining_interior_01-22-04_foyer.jpg (65593 bytes) staining_interior_01-22-04_living_room.jpg (41994 bytes) staining_interior_01-22-04_log_wall_closeup.jpg (35816 bytes)

Below is a photo of the master bedroom stained February 25 - 26, 2004, the last room to be stained in the main level of the house.

staining_interior_02-26-04_master_bedroom.jpg (47020 bytes)


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