Log Home Interior - Lights

Interior and Exterior Lights - February 6 - March ??, 2004

We are trying to find lights in a rustic brown or similar finish. Our switch and receptacle plates are dark brown, as well as our faucets (Venetian bronze), so we thought that the lights would bring out these browns instead of going with black lights. Lighting is an area where we are trying to save money, so we are buying basic stuff off the shelf at Lowe's, which is turning out very well. Note the "lantern" lights around the loft instead of traditional sconces. Rustic "cabin" sconces typically run close to and over $100 each. These lantern light are actually outdoor lights and cost $18 at Lowe's. We could not find outdoor hanging lights at Lowe's, so we had to order these from places on the internet. Lights are being hung as rooms are finished, so we'll be adding more lights as we go along.

lights_02-06-04_track_lights_on_wall_tie.jpg (53976 bytes) lights_02-11-04_loft_light.jpg (52324 bytes) lights_02-13-04_lanterns_around_loft.jpg (41632 bytes) lights_02-17-04_pot_rack.jpg (60916 bytes) lights_02-18-04_ceiling_fan_in_foyer.jpg (46512 bytes) lights_02-18-04_ceiling_fan_in_foyer_loft_view.jpg (50329 bytes) lights_02-18-04_front_deck_left_and_right_hanging_lights.jpg (45400 bytes) lights_02-18-04_front_deck_left_and_right_hanging_lights_closeup.jpg (48609 bytes) loft_railings_02-17-04_above_kitchen1.jpg (61243 bytes)


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